Hi, I am Mahedi.Now I am Giving you Clash Of Clans For PC.It is the most popular game now a days.It is a stratergy game.


Answer the call of the mustache! Join the international fray that is Clash of Clans. Customize your village, build an army and crush your opponents. Like using friendship to strike fear into your enemies? Join a Clan, or establish a Clashing legacy by creating your own. The choice is yours in this millions-strong community of Barbarians. Download for free and Clash on, Chief!

Clash of Clans has been constantly evolving to offer more user-friendly, consistent and fun online experiences for Supercell gamers. There have been countless updates since the game launched in 2012.

The Clash of Clans team has a reputation for being fast. You kind of have to be when your job is to create one of the world’s fiercest battlefields. But when the time was finally right to create Clan Wars, this fast-moving team had to slow things down. See why this update took longer than the rest and why the end result was worth the wait.

“The latest “Clash” update shook things up by enabling clans to fight other clans, bringing a new level of strategy to the game. For the first time, clan members had to coordinate with one another to attack different players in an opposing clan. The system is balanced so more-advanced players can’t just pick on weaker ones. The subtle, but significant change re-energized my interest and is a textbook lesson on how an app developer can keep interest alive in an aging game.



(available for all pc and laptops)


For downoad Clash Of Clans(COC) in your pc or laptop you will need an ANDROID EMULATOR, like Bluestacks, Andy, Dous and etc.

Then you have to download the Clash Of Clans APK and Google play games APK form your browser.

Instruction and download Link

  • First download The Android Emulator
     From here:
  1. Click here to downlad-  Bluestacks Offline installer(264.06 MB)


B l u e s t a c k s
  1. Click here to download- AndyHandy (446.89 MB)


A n d y  H a n d y


Recommend IDM(Internet Downlaod manager for fast download)


Note:(Google Play Games needed for safegaurd your progess in all android games)

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